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LT Nails - Nail salon 55316 - Champlin MN: It’s important to always have tidy and pretty nails so the nail design can truly stand out. This nail design is perfect for beginners. Will you give it a try? Call us today!

Why Are Dip Manicures Chosen By Many Customers?

No need to worry about the possibility of skin damage from UV lamps.
Last longer than gel nail polish (up to three weeks).
Doesn’t use acrylic nail glue which can include questionable chemicals.
Thinner layers, which avoid your chance of damaging your nail beds or getting an infection.
Save time spent in a nail salon due to the quick application time and fast drying time.
Endless amount of nail colors and textures to choose from.
Less messy.
You can certainly paint over your dip powder nails (but don’t do this regularly).

Which Dip Powder Nail Brands Are Loved Most?

The experts recommend only using nail dip powder products from reputable brands. Cheaper brands can contain harmful substances which are unhealthy for your body and natural nails. Read on to discover what dip nail products are used the most in popular nail salons.

AZURE BEAUTY Dip Powder Professional Nails

Azure Beauty brand is one of the best choices for a non-toxic manicure. This dip powder set comes with 10 easy-to-apply nail colors for a long-lasting glossy manicure. What can you expect:
No harsh chemicals or scent.
Long-lasting and chip-resistant.
Easy to apply.
Finely milled and true to color.
Wide bottle neck.
Vegan friendly.
Reasonably priced.

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